Five Fruits and Veggies in Season During March

The month of March brings a whole new array of fruits and vegetables that can be used in our daily meals. Buying seasonal fruits and veggies are very affordable because grocery stores have plenty on hand. If you want to try something a little different in your homemade meals and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, here are five fruits and vegetables that are in season in March that you can use for everyday cooking.

1. Avocados – Besides being loaded with potassium and fiber, these earthy-tasting fruits (yes, they truly are fruits) are also low in saturated fats. They can be added to salads, spread on toast, added to tuna, and even
grilled. The possibilities with this superfood are endless.
2. Kumquats – One of the main reasons we included kumquats on this list is because we like saying the word kumquat. It also packs a punch of vitamin C, fiber, and calcium. This mini cousin to the orange can be
eaten whole, no peeling necessary. You can include this tiny fruit in homemade marmalades, chutneys, and cakes. You can also just slice kumquats and add a little simple syrup to make candied kumquats.
3. Brussel Sprouts – Some people love them and some people hate them, but these small round veggies are pretty versatile. Of course you can roast them with a little garlic powder and olive oil, but don’t stop there.
They can be stir-fried, wrapped in bacon and pan fried, coated with parmesan and baked, and shredded to be added to salads. Eating brussel sprouts in these dishes can give you added protein, iron, and fiber.
4. Rhubarb – When people usually think of dessert they don’t think of leafy green plants with red stalks, but that’s exactly what rhubarb is primarily used for. Rhubarb provides dietary fiber, vitamin B, and even a source
for calcium. Include it as filling in your homemade doughnuts, add it to your strawberry jam, make some tasty rhubarb crisp, or make an entire pie out of rhubarb.
5. Guava – We usually associate tropical tasting fruit to summer, but guava actually comes in season during March. This sweet-smelling fruit is a source of lycopene and vitamin C. Add it to glazes for ham, fruit
punches, grilled salads, and pastries for a sweet treat.