A Friend or Loved One


Sharing a Meal (And a Smile!)

Just think of a friend or loved one who just relocated and is in need of some tender loving care, or a little pick-me-up boost after having had a trying week with their two year old twins who are down with chicken pox. You want to do something special to reach out across the miles and uplift their day. What can you do? Sure, sending a text, e-mail, e-card or even a phone call is exciting. How about another more creative and heartfelt option to make them feel your love? Fromhomewithlove.com has you covered. The nice thing about the Fromhomewithlove.com solution is simple: we take care of everything but the actual cooking. Otherwise we wouldn't be able to call it a homemade meal.

Consider preparing and sending one of your fabulous homemade meals to a loved one. Imagine the expression on his/her face upon delivery, not to mention the joy and surprise they’ll experience upon opening your special package and seeing the treasure and love contained within. We can even include a personal note for you to personalize your delivery. Now the kicker: the warm thoughts and happiness they’ll experience while savoring your homemade dish one bite at a time!

When your homemade meal arrives, all your loved one needs do is to open the box, remove the food container, heat in the microwave and VOILA! It’s mealtime! Perhaps more like a personal dining experience for many. We've even included utensils and napkins to make cleanup a snap. After enjoying the dinner mint we supplied, the food container with any of the remaining meal goes right into the refrigerator to be enjoyed later. Sharing a meal brings people together, no matter the distance that separates them.

Remember, for less than taking someone out to dinner, why not send them multiple servings of their favorite homemade meal to show them just how much you truly care and miss them while you are apart?