College Student

Nobody Makes Lasagna Like MOMMA! Try College Student Meal Delivery

Congratulations! What an exciting time. One day in diapers, the next heading off to college. Your “little” boy or girl has left the nest to begin a new chapter in life. Where have all the years gone?

One thing that might catch you a little off guard is how much you find yourself missing them. Sure, you were expecting that, but not quite as much as you do. Well guess what? Although they might be reluctant to admit it at first, they miss you too. In fact, with everything around them changing, a new school and surroundings, new friends, different living arrangements, professors and classes, not to mention adaptation to and with the campus meal program and plans, despite their initial exhilaration with college life, chances are your student is more home-sick than they may care to admit to.

If they haven’t mentioned it after the first week, and with certainty by the second, one of the first things they miss the most other than you are your homemade meals. Campus food in all likelihood can become old and boring, sometimes a flavorless part of their hectic day and perhaps the last thing they are concerned with as they are traipsing around campus. Not to mention the question of freshness, wholesomeness and over-all the nutritious value of the dishes being served. What’s a loving parent to do?

No fears! Rescue is on the way with college student meal delivery! has you covered. The nice thing about our solution is simple: we help you with everything but the actual cooking. That is left to you; otherwise we couldn’t call it home cooked meals for college students. We can even include a personal note to personalize your speedy and special delivery. Your busy college student will be comfortable with happy thoughts and memories of home while savoring a tasty homemade meal, thoughtfully packaged and sent with tender loving care by you. With each bite, you can share a special meal together and be close, despite the distance that separates you. Just like old times!

When your homemade meal arrives, all your loved one needs do is to open the box, remove the food container, heat in the microwave, and VOILA! It’s mealtime! Perhaps more like a personal dining experience for many. We’ve even included utensils and napkins to make cleanup a snap. After enjoying the dinner mint we supplied, the food container with any of the remaining meal goes right into the refrigerator to be enjoyed later. Sharing a meal brings people together, no matter the distance that separates them.

Remember, for less than the price of taking someone out to dinner, why not send them multiple servings of their favorite home-cooked meal to show them just how much you truly care and miss them while you are apart?

By the way, we wouldn’t be surprised if the way you found out about us is from your son or daughter. They love our college student meal delivery service and if you can’t guess, are some of our biggest supporters and fans! So get ready to send your home cooked meals for your college students. We know they will appreciate it!