Proud Member Of Our Military

God speed For your safe return home… We love you!

How can we possibly ever thank a loved one enough who is serving in the military for us and our country, who is preserving and protecting all that’s near and dear for us all? How can we adequately demonstrate our heartfelt love and thanks for their sacrifice?

Whether heading off to boot camp or stationed out of state, you’ll be astonished how often military loved ones will linger in our thoughts and prayers.

One of the best ways to remain connected and let them know just how much you miss and care, love and applaud them for their patriotism and valor is by simply and lovingly preparing and sending them one of their all-time favorite home-cooked meals. When you ship meals to military members that consist of a favorite dish alongside a freshly baked fruit pie jam-packed with care and love, there is no doubt that your soldier or military loved one will be touched and comforted by your sentiment and gift of love while serving our country far away from home. Who knew you could ship a home cooked meal?

When you ship a home cooked meal, all your loved one needs to do is open the box, remove the food container, heat in the microwave, and VOILA! It’s mealtime. Perhaps more like a personal dining experience for many. A personal note can be included for you to pen your own sentiment to be contained within and shared alongside your delivery. We’ve even included utensils and napkins to make clean up a snap. After enjoying the dinner mint we supplied, the food container with any of the remaining meal goes right into the refrigerator to be enjoyed later. When you ship meals to military members, it brings you closer, no matter the distance or circumstance that separates them.

Remember, for less than the price of taking someone out to dinner, you can ship a home cooked meal with multiple servings of their favorite foods to show them just how much you truly love and miss them?

We wouldn’t be surprised if the way you found out about us is from our proud service men and women. Our brave soldiers are some of our best customers and supporters, which is why we are eager to help you ship meals to military personnel. salutes all of our service members and wish you a safe return home, with our gratitude and our many thanks.