Loved One Traveling For Work

sending My Sentiments Across the Miles... Miss You!

Today, more and more people are traveling greater distances in this global economy amidst challenging economic times to ensure and maintain the status quo as it relates to their professional lives and careers. Often referred to as “Super Commuters”, these responsible and stalwart warriors often find themselves away from home, family and their familiar surroundings for extended periods of time, often making the decision to maintain alternative working arrangements to avoid uprooting their family while ensuring their families stability, security and financial well-being in these turbulent times. Family first, all the remaining second is most likely their mantra in their daily life.

Eating out at restaurants or fast food take out joints every night gets old pretty fast. Not only is it expensive, but many don‘t always make the healthiest choices while they’re away. Many times we run to the fast-food restaurant because there just isn’t enough time to find a good place to eat, eat healthy, and not to spend so much.

What better presentation of love and affection is there to demonstrate just how much you appreciate your loved one’s dedication to their family and subsequent absence from your home, often missing the families treasured moments and activities, than by sharing something specially made with love by you? How about multiple servings of their favorite homemade meal or meals conveniently waiting for them at their office or hotel? Homemade with love with an old favorite family recipe and ingredients surrounding them with the flavors and scents of home?

Would that make their extended stay a little better? Imagine your comfort in knowing that they have an equally tasty meal awaiting them the next day for their lunch or dinner. We can even include a personal note for you to send a special message to your loved one to accompany the homemade meals for delivery.

The solution is a simple one. will help you with everything but the actual cooking. That is left to you; otherwise we couldn’t call it a homemade meal.

As we all know, while your loved one is staying at a hotel or accommodation they’re usually equipped with little more than a small refrigerator and microwave oven. The good news is that’s all they need. In fact when your homemade meal arrives, all your loved one needs to do is open the box, remove the food container, heat it up in the microwave and VOILA, it’s ready to be served. We’ve even added utensils to make clean up a snap. After enjoying the dinner mint we provide, the food container goes right into the refrigerator until their next meal. Convenience at its best.

Remember, for less than the price of taking someone out to dinner, why not send multiple servings of their favorite home-cooked meal to show just how much you truly love and miss them?

One homemade meal at a time. It can make all the difference in the world. And then some.