Special Occassions


Congratulations… We love you!

There is nothing better than sharing and surprising someone with one of your homemade meals in celebrating a special occasion such as a new arrival, birthday, wedding, college graduation, etc... The sky is the limit. Your thoughtfulness and love will be sentimentally treasured for years to come. Sure, sending a text, e-mail, e-card or even a phone call is exciting. How about another more creative and heartfelt option to make them feel your love? Although it can never replace a face-to-face visit, sending them a personal favorite (and sumptuous) dish homemade with your loving hands promises to bring both a smile to their face and warmth to their heart.. No worries, only convenience and simplicity. Fromhomewithlove.com has you covered. We help you with everything but the actual cooking. Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to call it a homemade meal.

Imagine your signature homemade special dish or dessert being an object of both surprise and delight upon its delivery to a loved one celebrating their special event across the miles? Although you could not attend, your loving presence will be felt long after each delicious morsel of your homemade meal has been finished. Guaranteed. We even include a personal note to make your precious delivery even more special.

When your homemade meal arrives, all your loved one needs to do is open the box, remove the food container, heat it up in the microwaveand VOILA, it's ready to be served and enjoyed. We've even added utensils to make clean up a snap. After enjoying the complimentary dinner mint we provide, any of the remaining meal goes back into its container and into the refrigerator until their next meal.

Remember- For less than the price of taking someone out to dinner, why not send your loved one multiple servings of their favorite home-cooked meal(s) to show how much you truly love and miss them? What a wonderful way to demonstrate how much you care and express how much they mean to you, regardless of how far apart you might be...