Grandma and Grandpa

Thanks for EVERYTHING. You Inspire Us!

How exciting! Mom and Dad are retired and are enjoying the second half of their life. Regrettably, it sometimes seems harder and harder with our busy and jam-packed daily life schedules to see them as much as we would like. Whether it means jostling rigorous work related deadlines and the kids busy after-school sports and activity schedules, sometimes it seems Mom and Dad fall into second, third, and sometimes a distant fourth place in our hustle-bustle world.

Why not send several servings of your homemade meals to those who took care of you your entire life? Can you imagine the warmth and surprise they will feel as a result of such a loving gesture? After all, was not sharing evening meals at the dinner table with your Mom and Dad one of the things that made your childhood so special? Mom's wonderful dinners, memories of Dad's occasional "special concoctions" when Mom was away. These memories are the stuff of our existence, define us, and have enabled us to evolve into the caring and loving people we are today.

Agreed, although it may not replace an actual visit, your gift of love promises to bring a smile to their faces and warmth to their hearts, no matter how many miles, whether it be several or many, that separate you. Thanks to you, they'll be the talk of their community. You can even include a personal note (along with some of your peach cobbler!) to personalize your delivery even more, reminding them how much they mean to you despite your busy schedule.

Let's face it, when on a fixed budget seniors tend to go out to restaurants much less than they previously have, compounded in some cases by health and mobility issues. As well, in many senior retirement communities, day in and day out they may be served the same routine and repetitive meals in the cafeteria, which after a while makes for a hum-drum eating experience. However, one never gets tired of being pampered and served a delicious homemade meal prepared by a loved one, do they? So why not surprise them. Brighten their day and spruce up their week by preparing and sending them several healthy servings of your homemade meals. Don't you think one can tell when a meal is made with love? At we believe so.

More than likely, your parent(s) assisted living or senior retirement community and home is equipped with a small refrigerator and microwave oven, which is all that is needed for them to enjoy your culinary delights! The great thing about the solution is simple: we help you with everything but the actual cooking. That is left to you; otherwise we couldn't call it a homemade meal.

When your homemade meal(s) arrive, it's easy-peasy to open the box, remove the food container, heat it up in the microwaveand VOILA, it's ready to be served and enjoyed. We've even added utensils wrapped in a napkin to make clean up a snap. How about a dinner mint, you ask? No need, we include that too. We thought of everything! It's a combination of ease and efficiency (not to mention the sentiment and taste!) that makes receiving your homemade meal packages even more special and enjoyable!

Once they are done eating, the food container goes right into the refrigerator until they're ready for their next meal. We've even eliminated the use of dry ice as it can be unsafe for seniors to handle.

Remember, for less than the price of taking someone out to dinner, why not send multiple servings of their favorite home-cooked meal to show just how much you truly love and miss them? Cheers to all of those good times, and those to come.