• What differentiates us at Fromhomewithlove.com from our competition? Simply put, our definition of a homemade meal is quite different from theirs. Plenty of companies will gladly sell you pre-prepared mass produced food cooked in a commercial kitchen, or food for the recipient to prepare for themselves. This includes following an unfamiliar recipe, chopping, measuring, stirring, fighting with pots and pans, and then cooking for 30 minutes to an hour (Don’t forget the cleanup). Who wants to do that after a hard day of work or school? Our niche is to deliver and serve your fabulous home-cooked meal made solely from love, which cannot be duplicated anywhere else. Our kit allows you to safely send one of your fabulous, homemade, wholesome meal with no preservatives whatsoever, which can be enjoyed within minutes after reheating in a microwave. What can be easier than that?


  • Your Website references the Cold Chain industry. What exactly is that and what's your relationship with the industry? The Cold Chain industry is a 12 billion dollar industry which is estimated to grow to 20 billion by 2018. The Cold Chain industry predominantly serves the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries to ensure sensitive products are shipped safely. Fromhomewithlove.com worked closely with leading suppliers in this field to bring this technology to you to ensure your homemade meals are delivered as expected and at an affordable price. Trust us, there is a lot of science that goes into thermal packaging material.


  • How often do customers typically use your service? Outside of 'Special Occasions' such as birthdays, a new arrival, graduation or other special events, many customers use our services on a weekly or monthly basis. Especially for 'College Students', and 'Proud Members of our Military'. In fact, the folks that fall into these categories usually call home asking family members to keep sending more food! Needless to say, they've become our most vocal supporters.


  • What does my loved one need once they receive my homemade meal? Nothing but a microwave and a small refrigerator for leftovers. We supply the utensils rolled in a napkin to ensure cleanup remains a snap. We even provide a dinner mint. In fact, your homemade meal can be eaten directly out of the leak resistant food container it arrives in and placed in a refrigerator as a tasty left-over meal for a later serving. Nothing could be more easy than that!


  • Our leak-resistant, microwave and freezer safe food container is 48 oz. in volume. Typically, this provides two to three servings of your loved ones favorite homemade meal.


  • Can any of your kits be used multiple times? Absolutely! our Reusable the 1-3 Day kit is designed to ship three homemade meals to your loved ones away from home. 


  • What  happens after the third trip? Simply discard the old kit and place a new order using our convenient website. 


  • Is there a transport packaging standard that is used? We follow the ISTA-7D testing standard for "Thermal Transport Packaging Used in Parcel Delivery System Shipments". In addition, our kits have passed all FedEx's  packaging test procedures to ensure our kits can withstand the rigors of ground and Express (air) transportation. 


Registration / Ordering

  • How do I place my order on-line? Simply, go to our website and register as a new user, and follow the simple prompts.


  • What do I get when I register on your site? You become part of our Fromhomewithlove.com family and can take advantage of the many items we make available on our website, including packaging tips and shipping services at reduced/discounted rates and prices (some as high as 40%).


  • What happens after I receive my order confirmation e-mail? Fromhomewithlove.com works with its fulfillment centers and processes your order promptly, providing you with periodic status updates relative to the shipment and delivery of your package.


  • How will I know my order was received? Fromhomewithlove.com will send you a confirmation e-mail verifying your order.


  • How do I check on the status of my order? Whether you are ordering our specialized packaging materials, or are sending a loved one their favorite homemade meal, both a confirmation e-mail and tracking number will be provided. The tracking number will enable you to periodically track the whereabouts of your package while in transit up through delivery.


  • I don't feel comfortable giving my credit card information over the internet. How do I know that Fromhomewithlove.com has a secure payment process? Fromhomewithlove.com has taken the necessary steps to ensure your credit card information remains safe. That said, we work with both security and payment processing experts in their respective fields to ensure your information remains safe.


  • What payment methods do you accept when ordering my kit? When purchasing your kit, shipping is free.


  • What payment methods do you accept when shipping? You have the option of paying with your credit card, debit card, PayPal, or by using a Third Party Shipping account number. 


  • What happens if my package in not delivered on time? If your package does not arrive within the specified time indicated by the carrier, you may request a credit. Please keep in mind only certain deliveries may come with guaranties regarding delivery time. If you notify Fromhomewithlove.com of a delivery failure within 48 hours of your scheduled delivery, we will request a carrier credit on your behalf. You understand and acknowledge that Fromhomewithlove.com is not responsible if any such carrier denies your request for a carrier credit.


  • Once ordered, how long does it take to receive my Kit? Typically, it will take between 7 to 10 days for delivery. 


Preparing Your Homemade Meal:

  • Must my homemade meal be cooked before sending? Yes. All food must be fully cooked before shipping. Raw food is not permitted.


  • Why is it recommended I freeze my homemade meals before shipping? Our top priority is to ensure that your special homemade meal arrives as intended. Freezing your homemade meal enables the refrigerants to perform at an optimal level. In addition, we provide recommendations along with tips and tricks in both prepping, packaging and shipping to ensure your successful and tasty delivery. A lot of the smarts required to facilitate this successful process are built into our web site. With these key features in mind, we have a patent pending with the USPTO.


  • Do I need to freeze everything before sending? This depends upon what you're sending. For example, if you are sending items that do not need to be refrigerated such as baked goods, hard cheese and candy, you do not need to freeze before sending. However, we recommend always including our refrigerants to allow your shipment to remain appropriately refrigerated while in transit. Needless to say, it can get pretty hot in the back of a carriers truck, especially in the summer months.




  • As a general rule, we recommend targeting delivery early in the week to ensure your homemade meal doesn't sit in the back of a truck or mailing facility over the weekend.  Please also be mindful that both FedEx and UPS are closed on Sundays, and certain holidays. You may find the Carriers Holiday Schedule here. 


  • What carriers do you utilize and recommend for shipping my homemade meal? Our preferred carriers are FedEx and UPS. 


  • What carrier do you use when shipping my 1-3 Day Kit? USPS, FedEx and UPS.


  • What's the typical coverage of the shipping carriers for Ground transportation? The shipping carriers can cover a large geographical area of the United States utilizing Ground transportation. Since Ground transportation is less expensive, we invite you to check out the helpful FedEx and UPS Ground maps to see their estimated coverage by Zip code.


  • FedEx and UPS charge a small fee for residential pickup. In light of this, we recommend saving a few dollars by using our helpful '$ave on Shipping' module'. This tool provides you with the nearest drop off locations in your area. Check with your local authorized FedEx or UPS store for details regarding the latest time you can drop off your package.


  • If scheduling a residential pickup, keep the container on ice until the driver comes to the door. If you leave the package outside, make sure you keep it in a shaded location protected from the elements.


  • Can I ship to a P.O. Box, A.P.O. and F.P.O address? Both FedEx and UPS require a physical address. 


  • How do you keep shipping cost down? Due to the volume of business we do and the relationship and arrangements we've made with the carriers, we can send your package at a significant savings than if you attempted to send them yourself.


  • Does your site support third party shipping account numbers? Yes. If authorized, you may use your company's FedEx or UPS shipping account numbers when shipping homemade meals. There will be a small transaction fee applied when using third party shipping account numbers.


  • I have a son stationed overseas, can you ship there? Because we are dealing with perishable items, Fromhomewithlove.com currently only ships within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. At this time, we do not ship to any overseas locations. However, check back with us periodically as our out-reach continues to expand. 


  • Will my homemade meal be delivered to my loved one in a frozen state? Our Reusable Kits and refrigerants are specifically designed to keep your homemade meal at refrigerator temperature upon delivery.


  • At what time will my homemade meal arrive at my loved ones door? This depends on a few factors, e.g., service requested, location and traffic. The good news is that each of the carriers have heightened service levels they strive to meet, if not exceed. Fromhomewithlove.com can also arrange e-mails to alert both the sender and recipient when the package is delivered.


  • My loved one lives on the other side of the country. Can I ship my package using air transportation as well? Absolutely. Each shipping carrier can ship your homemade meal utilizing Express (Air) transportation.


Environmentally Safe:

  • Is all your specialized packaging material recyclable and safe for the environment? Our packaging and refrigerants are non-toxic and can be recyclable in municipal waste streams. We only work with companies that meet this standard.


  • I'm concerned with sending my loved one dry ice since it can be dangerous to handle. No worries. We don't use dry ice. Instead, we utilize safe non-toxic refrigerants to keep your homemade meal fresh in transit.


Best Practice Recommendations?    

  • Obviously, shipping perishable packages is a bit more work than sending non-perishable packages. Therefore, more coordination needs to take place between sender and receiver. So please make sure the recipient is made aware of their homemade meal's expected delivery date.


  • The longer you keep your homemade meal on ice the more you increase your chances for success. Remember, the clock starts ticking from the moment you take your frozen homemade meal out of the freezer, and ends when your package is received by your loved one. 


  • Your freezer should be set at 0 °F or below.


  • Your refrigerator should be set at 40 °F or below.


  • Always refrigerate perishable food within 2 hours (1 hour when the temperature is above 90 °F).


When your homemade meal arrives at its destination:

Heating Recommendations (when your homemade meal arrives at its destination)

  • The TTI must be peeled off the top of the food container lid before heating. You may also view our 'How To Videos' available regarding the – ‘Proper Way to Remove the Time-'Temperature Indicator (TTI)’. **** WARNING **** THE TIME-TEMPERATURE INDICATOR (TTI) MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE PLACING IN MICROWAVE OVEN. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY DAMAGE YOUR MICROWAVE OVEN.


  •  Only a microwave oven should be used to heat the food container.


  • When heating your homemade meal in the microwave, be sure the food reaches 165° F as measured with a food thermometer. 

USDA Recommendations: (Reheat leftovers Safely)

  • When reheating in the microwave, cover and rotate the food for even heating. Arrange food items evenly in a covered microwave safe dish, and add some liquid if needed. Vent the lid to let the steam escape. The moist heat that is created will help destroy harmful bacteria and will ensure uniform cooking. Also, because microwaves have cold spots, check the temperature of the food in several places with a food thermometer and allow a resting time before checking the internal temperature of the food with a food thermometer. Cooking continues for a longer time in dense foods such as a whole turkey or beef roast than in less dense foods like breads, small vegetables and fruits.


  • What's a Virtual Dinner? Thanks to smart phones, tablets, notebook computers, and flat screen TVs', video conferencing has become much easier to use. Imagine sharing a Sunday dinner, holiday or a special event with your loved one away from home via a 'Virtual Dinner'. Not only are you sharing the same wonderful meal together that the rest of your family is enjoying, but your loved one now has a seat at the table. What could possibly top that?

 As always, we invite you to visit our 'Tips and Tricks' pages and 'How To Videos' throughout the site. If you have additional questions, send us an e-mail at Custserv1@fromhomewithlove.com.