Freezer Friendly Recipes to Ship Meals to Military

What military person wouldn't love to have a home-cooked meal? Eating in the mess tent can be fun at the beginning, but after a while, most military personnel would love to have something that's special, healthy and made just for them. These heroes spend months at a time away from home, and the last thing they should have to do is go without the comforts of great food when they are deployed.

If you want to ship meals to military personnel, you might not know what to make. There are many recipes available that can easily be frozen and then sent anywhere in the continental United States. A few of those recipes can include pizzas, vegetable enchiladas, and taco filling.

Pizzas can be healthy if you use healthy ingredients and anyone in the military would be thrilled to have a taste of home and ordering pizza. Make mini pizzas so that your military person can enjoy them for many different meals. Prepare the dough and bake it as you normally would. Add sauce, cheese and any other toppings that your son, daughter or spouse enjoys. You can even make differently topped pizzas so they have a variety. Wrap them in plastic wrap and freeze them. Then send them along to your military family member or friend.

Vegetable enchiladas are another healthy option that can be frozen easily and reheated later. Just prepare your favorite enchilada filling or find a recipe online, add some seasonings and delicious cheese and wrap it all up in a large corn tortilla. Bake the dish fully and then transfer the enchiladas into a freezer and microwave safe dish and then freeze fully. You can also wrap the enchilada in plastic wrap and freeze them separately.

If your favorite person in the military enjoys tacos, then consider making some delicious taco filling. Make your favorite or find a great recipe to use. Once the taco filling is made, let it cool completely and then place in freezable containers and freeze it. When packing it to ship meals to military, include some taco shells in bubble wrap to keep them safe and whole, include instructions to defrost the filling and then microwave until hot.