About Us

...Caring and Sharing

Fromhomewithlove.com provides a unique service for people who love to cook and moreso want to share those homemade creations spun with love with their loved ones away from home. The company's humble yet noble origins were established in 2014 as a novel idea inasmuch as our founder was attempting to send, surprise, and share a homemade meal with a family member who was away at college. That was the catalyst, and hence Fromhomewithlove.com was born.

Simply put, when it comes to packaging and shipping your homemade meal in a safe and affordable manner, Fromhomewithlove is an innovator in this field. Our state-of-the-art website provides customers with the convenience, simplicity, and ease of a one-stop solution for everything needed to package, send, and deliver specially and thoughtfully crafted homemade meals to their loved ones. 

What sets us apart from other food delivery and shipping solutions out there? That's easy, as our definition of a homemade meal is quite different from theirs. Plenty of companies will gladly sell and send pre-prepared foods for the recipient to finish the touches, tweak, and cook for themselves upon delivery. We feel their solution neither qualifies nor exemplifies the true definition of a “homemade meal”, and it's our passion as well as our level of commitment to enable your lovingly made home-cooked meal be properly packaged and delivered to your loved ones. 

Fromhomewithlove's 1-3 Day Single Use and Reusable kits has been pre-qualified by a third party independent laboratory under certain International Safe Transit Association (ISTA)-defined parameters. In addition, our specialized packaging includes a Time-Temperature Indicator (TTI) to help safeguard your delivery. This product is designed to show whether your homemade meal was kept at a safe refrigeration temperature during transit. Please see our instructions and 'How To Videos' regarding the proper way to activate and read the Time-Temperature Indicator (TTI).   

We are headquartered in Hopatcong New Jersey, presently servicing the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Sentiments, like people, are special, one of a kind. So are your homemade meals...